Men On Diet And Weight Loss

Diets aren’t just for women anymore – men diet too. Men are becoming increasingly conscious of health, and because of that, they are weight conscious nowadays. Not only that, being overweight has also become an indicator of diabetes and heart disease. The association has definitely been made and it is a motivating factor for many men to lose those extra pounds.

Diet And Masculinity

Of course, the health risks of a bad diet are just part of men’s motivation for changing how they eat – we also care about how we look.

Our culture has become very body-conscious these days and men are affected by this as well. Body dysmorphia – an unhealthy view of the body – is also increasing in men as well as women. These issues manifest differently for men. They tend to work out a lot, and many turn to anabolic steroids. It is also likely that they’re dieting while they do this.

Muscular man sitting at the table with empty plate

Since men are cautious about venturing into territory that is unfamiliar to them, they go about it differently than women, starting with the language they use.

They may not use terms like “dieting” or “slim” as these terms are traditionally female oriented. Men’s goals are more to feel strong and masculine. Not only does the term dieting sound feminine, but dieting also causes them to worry they’ll lose muscle mass in the process.

The term that they use is not important. Dieting implies a starting and ending point, however, what is really necessary is a complete lifestyle change that will result in better overall health, not just dropping off a few pounds.

What motivates men to be more food conscious is actually an interest in bodybuilding, stamina, and other features of masculinity.

The Male Comfort Zone – How Men Choose Diets

Men would naturally be drawn to diets that promise to make them better in athletics or to increase their energy.

However, men don’t always know how to choose an appropriate diet. For example, a man might order a piece of grilled fish and think he’s selected a healthy option. However, while the fish may be a wise choice, the sauce or marinade it’s made with would not be the healthiest.

These kinds of complexities sometimes drive men to go for more popular diets like The Atkins diet, which may not necessarily be best suited for them or their weight loss and muscle building goals, especially in the long run.

For men who are looking to improve overall health and not just lose weight (that might be gained back quickly), the general trend should be to avoid refined carbohydrates. White bread, white rice, soda, and starchy junk food are most likely responsible for the increase in the country’s high caloric intake over the last couple decades. Good carbs such as fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-wheat bread and pastas, shouldn’t be avoided.

Tips For Men On Diets – How To Avoid Diet Pitfalls

Just knowing the score on different foods isn’t always enough. Here are a few helpful hints for men who want to eat healthier.

Sometimes eating healthy is difficult for a lot of men who travel a lot for work. It is important to learn to eat healthy while you are on the go. While flying, it’s a good idea to carry a few packs of instant oatmeal – they’ll give you the hot water. Boxes of dry cereal (like Cheerios, but not Honey Nut Cheerios) are a good option.

When you’re staying at a hotel, get a room on the fifth or sixth floor and take the stairs. Also, if you aren’t driving, get the taxi to drop you off a mile away from your hotel and walk it up the rest of the way.

Men are notorious for skipping breakfast – which is a terrible habit. If you make it a habit of starving until lunch, the body thinks it should save it as a reserve because it’s not sure when you will eat again and stores it as fat. Take five minutes to have a high-fiber cereal or even peanut butter on whole wheat toast. Small changes make a big difference.

Americans eat way more than we need. Portion control is the quickest change a man can make in his eating habits though it may be extremely difficult.

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