7 Causes of Belly Fat

In clinical terminology, the abdominal obesity is known as the belly fat. The excessive fat around the stomach and abdomen bulges is the belly fat region. There is a strong connect between the obesity and the cardiovascular (heart) diseases. Belly fat results in obesity which in turn affects the heart functioning and thus can be life threatening.

What are the reasons that cause Belly fat?

Emotional Stress Binging

Some people may find it tough to deal with anxiety and discomfort. Few might be lucky enough to lose weight but for the rest, it just keeps adding those calories of fat. Hunger may not be the only reason why people eat. Food can play on the human mind as well. It soothes the mind by giving some comfort and stress relief. But this feeling is for a very limited period. By the time they realize that they have binged on unhealthy food, the stress, anxiety, and discomfort still remain the same. Whilst the problem still remains, unhealthy food has played its part and created that fat around the abdomen region creating belly fat. Belly fat is also a form of obesity which affects the heart and creates other health problems.

Sleep Deprivation

The ideal sleeping hours any human body requires is about 7-9hours each night. In the case of lack of sleep the stress levels rise. This gives increases the cortisol (stress hormones) in the body. Many people tend to binge on food during stress and anxiety. During this, it is tough to get rid of the belly fat if the body is sleep deprived.

Consuming Low-Fat Foods

While everybody is aware of the fact that high-fat food and drinks may result in obesity, but too much of the low fat processed foods are also not very good. Processed foods do have monounsaturated fats in them which are not bad to the human body. Foods such as avocados, olive oil, and various seeds work well in reducing the belly fat. But there are many manufacturers who add sugar to these processed foods. Sugar is nothing but fat and hence even though people might be under the impression of consuming low-fat foods, they are actually putting on weight thus resulting in belly fat.

Lack Of Protein In Every Day Diet

Protein plays a vital role in the diet of any being. It is compulsory fact that healthy adults should consume at least 20-25gms of protein in every meal. In case your diet comprises of lack of proteins, then the body is not getting sufficient nutrients. Carbohydrates only work as fat resulting in the obesity of the body. Hence people should have a high protein diet and avoid eating the carbohydrate foodstuff.

Over Eating

The quality of food does matter but the quantity of food matters more. People using larger plate size tend to over eat. Over eating causes obesity resulting in belly fat. The question that can arise here is that ‘How does the size of plate matter?’. When you have a larger space to pile up your food, you tend to consume more than your body needs, and that leads to more fat stored in your body.

Dining At Late Hours In The Night

It is a proven fact that body burns some fat even during sleep hours, but unfortunately, this fact does not work on people who go to bed with a full stomach. eating late and reclining on a full stomach increases your risk of developing acid reflux and indigestion. Apart from causing belly fat, this causes other ill effects to the health as well.

Drinking Aerated Drinks Regularly

This is the worst thing that can be consumed by the human body. Soda is a form of sugar. Sugar leads to obesity and belly fat.

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