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GARCINIA MANGOSTANA L. - MANGOSTEEN. Garciana mangostana Common name. Mangosteen, manggis, mangostan, mangotanier, mangostao. Family Scroll Page to browse or Jump to a species by hitting the link below Garcinia (sp) Garcinia cowa Garcinia dulcis Garcinia forbesii Garcinia humilis Garcinia intermedia Garcinia macrophylla Garcinia mangostana Author: Juss.

Common Names, mangosteen English. Taxonomic Status Current Standing accepted. Data Quality Indicators Record Credibility Rating verified - standards. Description: Angiosperm, Dicot Trees or shrubs usually with broad-ended, oblong leaves; these may be leathery and have a strong, central vein from which branch many delicate, horizontal veins.

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Garcinia mangostana nursery seedlings. The generic name is after L. Garcin 1683-1751, a naturalist and a. Garcinia mangostana showing fruis Manuel. In Malaysia and Sri Lanka, it is a common practice to spread mulch of coconut. The plants have resinous, sticky sap, flowers with numerous stamens often united in bundles, and separate petals and sepals.

Feb 5, 2016. Mangosteen - Garcinia mangostana - Pictures and information about the crop mangosteen Garcinia. Denomination or Common name. Male and female organs often occur in separate flowers.

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Plate XLI MANGOSTEEN, Garcinia mangostana—Painted by Dr. M. J. Dijkman. The tree is fairly common only in the provinces of Mindanao and Sulu or Jolo. Sorry, no picture yet Accession Number: CLUS-13-7-23-5Common Name: limoncillo Habit: Tree Origin: Mexico Uses: Edible Fruit Garden Location: Nursery Sorry, no picture yet Accession Number: CLUS-14-10-20-1Author: Roxb.

Mangosteen Mangosteen, species Garcinia mangostana, handsome tropical tree of the family Clusiaceae, native. It is a common dooryard tree in Indonesia. Mangosteen is a small, very slow-growing evergreen tree with a pyramidal crown.


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Common names African mangosteen Eng.; Afrika-geelmelkhout Afr.; umPhimbi. Garcinia livingstonei is a small tree reaching 18 m in East Africa, pyramidal. It can grow up to 25 metres tall, but is usually much smaller, especially in cultivation.

Names. Garcinia mangostana Linn. family GUTTIFERAE. Common names. English mangosteen from olden Malay, manggusta or manggistan, Burkill. The straight, cylindrical bole can be up to 37cm in diameter[A superb book, very concise and well written, giving a wealth of information on 400 or more species including descriptions, habitat, cultivation details and plant uses.

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Clusiaceae species list, Guttiferae or Garcinia of Hawaii Tropical Botanical. Common Name Cowa, Cha Muang, Tai Chua, Yun Shu, Cowa Mangosteen. A wealth of colour photographs bring each plant vividly to life.].

Mangosteen. Botanical Name Garcinia mangostana Clusiaceae. Common Name Mangosteen or Purple Mangosteen. Mangostino in Spanish. Mangouste. The trees are widely cultivated in the gardens of the Indonesia and Malaysia for their edible fruits.

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Wissenschaftlicher Name. Garcinia mangostana. L. Frucht mit vier derben Kelchblättern. Frucht mit purpurfarbener Schale mit gelb-braunen Flecken. Geöffnete Frucht. Die Mangostane Garcinia mangostana, auch Mangostan, Mangostanbaum, Mangostin oder. Medium tree, to 30-60 feet (9-18 m) tall, with a straight trunk and a rounded, dense crown.

Many people know organisms only by the common names, or "vernacular" names. Unlike scientific names, common names are almost always different for. The new bark is bright green and smooth, becoming dark brown and rough with age.

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Common Name mangosteen. Type Broadleaf evergreen. Family Clusiaceae. Native Range Malay Peninsula. Zone 11 to 12. Height 40.00 to 50.00 feet. All parts of the plant exude yellow latex when wounded.

Scientific names, Common names. Garcinia x mangostana L. Mangosteen Engl. Chabakano. Mangostana garcinia Gaertn. Mangostan Tag. S. L. Bis. The thick leaves are opposite, elliptical and bright green, from 3-6 inches (8-15 cm) in length.

31 ideas to use Clusiaceae species list, Guttiferae or Garcinia of Hawaii Tropical.

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Common Names Mangosteen, Manggis, Mesetor, Sementah, Semetah. they believe mangosteen has a cooling effect, while durian has a heating effect. The flowers are solitary or in pairs at the branch apex, 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) in diameter, with 4 pinkish white petals and 4 persistent sepals.

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Garcinia mangostana Clusiaceae. Common Names. English mangosteen. Spanish mangostán, mangostín. French mangoustan. Indonesia, Malaysia. It is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and NParks does not purport to provide any medical advice.

Common Name Mangosteen. Garcinia mangostana. Mangoesteen tree in Malaysiaa. Photograph by Creative Commons. Reliance on this information is strictly at your own risk.

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